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Dec 23, 2012

Shameless Clone 2 Review

Shameless Clone 2 from 5Games is here in another imaginative bullet hell adventure.

Sweet Pixel art.

Those of you who played the original Shameless Clone know this game is particularly proud of getting inspiration from several well know video games, and let me tell you the sequel is just about the same. The game draws tons of content from games such as Mario and such, but the overall result is quite enjoyable.

You have at your disposal some ships for you to unlock and play, each with different gameplay characteristics such as bullets and special attacks, and you travel through 5 different worlds each with 5 sub-levels. You do your usual bullet dodging and shooting while collecting coins to spend in the shop.

There isn't much anything new in this game that this genra hasn't done before, but it's well executed and pretty fun to play.

Yep, Bowser.
In the end you can end up spending a nice hour in this world, so if you like bullet hell games go check it out.

Game Rating: 7/10


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