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Dec 6, 2012

Tesla Defense Review

A10 brings us a new defense game based on our man Nicholas Tesla: Tesla Defense. And lets be honest, badass Tesla is something everyone of us always wanted to see.

Rays everywhere.

Other than the great concept, the itself is very simple and short. You must defend your base with land and air towers, along with some mines and Nicholas electric gun. The gameplay is divided into 20 short stages, and between them you can access a pretty straightforward upgrade page.

On the beginning of each stage you can set up a pre-determined amount of defensive towers and mines while you wait for the alien enemies. After they begin their invasion and infrastructure destruction begins, you'll be able to reconstruct within a set amount of time. Also you have available to you a super charge attack that obliterates your enemy, although the recharge time is so long you can only use once per level in most cases.

Sexy Tesla is sexy.
The game is rather fun, my main problem with it is that it is very easy (even the final battle is a breeze) and very short. You'll be done with it in 15-20 minutes. Other than that it is quite fun and memorable.

Game Rating: 7/10


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