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Dec 12, 2012

Evilgeddon Spooky Max Review

Evilgeddon Spooky Max is the new game from MoFunZone. It is an action shooter involving closed arenas and a ton of monsters.

A cursed city needs your help.
The gameplay is quite standard for flash game veterans and connoisseurs. You move around the arenas will you shoot and avoid monsters, with little else to do in the levels. The game tries to set apart from this very explored genra by adding small details such as weapons drops and interesting upgrade mechanics but in the end you have played games like this before, many times.

Each level offers a different set up of obstacles, monsters and a very distinct final boss. Every time you set out to adventure the game sets quests for you to complete such as killing 10 zombies or using a specific gun 100 times. When you complete these quests you are awarded with experience that you need to level up and upgrade your character status. Other than that you collect coins from fallen enemies and you can use them in two ways. You can either upgrade the weapon drops stats such as damage, or you can go to a secret store in which you buy updates whose actual effect is hidden. These can go from passives such as more damage, outright more money, or just some lame strategy advice. Although it may sound weird, this system is actually super interesting and for me, the best designed and creative part of the entire game.

We have all done this before.

In conclusion, the gameplay itself is nothing we haven't played a thousand times. It is well designed and entertaining in the most part, but it falls short after a short time playing it. The game tries to be innovative but it does not succeed very well.

Game Rating: 6/10


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