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Sep 30, 2011

Death vs Monstars

               Another suggestion by Everyday I'm Flashing: Death vs Monstars, a nice and old arcade game with a different approach to the basic 2D shooter scrollers.

A great arcade shooter.

               Get ready to test your reflexes and go check it out!

Sep 28, 2011

Cristal Story Review

Fresh from Lan's Trash, Emmanuel Salva Cruz brings us Cristal Story, an amazing classic RPG with tons of content, certain to fill your role-playing needs for several hours, because sure as hell it filled mine.

A well known battle setup, very well executed.

I'm a true RPG junkie, so when I encountered this game I was immediately filled with expectations, and most of them were met. So let me tell you about Cristal Story, where you control a joyful party of four on their adventure the defeat the not-so-malevolous witch.  

Sep 25, 2011


No review here, just an excelent RPG oldie for you to play!

Sonny, a recommended RPG by Everyday I'm Flashing.

Save Toshi Review

Something I find worthwhile telling you before I review Save Toshi (from Nitako) is that I usually am a hard audience for puzzle games, with that said, Save Toshi proved good enough to graple its hooks around me.

So many options, so few tennis balls.

Toshi is a japanese erotic dancer who forgot how to walk (yep, you read it right), so it's your job to throw several tennis balls and help her to the dancing floor, where she magically forgets about her legs impairment and "celebrates" like the world ends tomorrow. Obviously, although the game is set in day-time, I always imagined it on a Saturday night fever.

Sep 24, 2011


True Indie developer Adam Saltsman brings us the story of a man who can´t spot running - Canabalt.

Doves. Doves everywhere.

This is a truly simple game, yet brilliantly executed. You only have one action available to you - jumping. Yet it appears to be sufficient to run across multiple building roofs and avoid incoming obstacles, which suits your objective perfectly: to run as far as you can, controlling your jumps intensity and building up speed the longer you run. 

I chose this game to open my Indie.Art section because of a simple reason: if you are new to indie games this is a great first try. With an awesome soundtrack behind it, you'll easily spend a couple of minutes in Canabalt, which by the way, is also available on iPhone.

Game Rating: Indie

Sep 22, 2011

Delivery Man review

When I encounter a game I think it’s interesting enough to feature in this blog I always think which features to highlight, so that you can choose whether or not to play it. Unfortunately as I played through most part of the 50 levels and bored myself half to sleep I could only think of the game problems – and what kind of a reviewer would I be if I only spent time with the best games available?

So here it is, by the somewhat acclaimed Berserk Studio, a defense shooter named Delivery Man.

Nice graphics, but where is the fun?

The name itself sums up the entire story: you are a delivery man, and your cargo is constantly attacked by post-apocalyptic goons, so it’s your job to kill them all.

Sep 18, 2011

The Lance! review

What? Another awesome review so soon? That’s right! It’s time for you to learn a little bit about The Lance!.

Meet your very own jousting grounds.
Come young knight, a tournament has been organized to entrust the all-mighty Lance to the best jouster alive, and it’s your destiny to claim it. Or at least one of your descendants… Put your game face on and prepare to joust through a five stage challenge, where your objective is to defeat every enemy and ultimately reclaim your spot as the champion.

Sep 17, 2011

First!!! Also, The Kings League review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my first entry in Everyday I’m Flashing, so let’s get right to the point with a game review: The Kings League.

The map menu, where all the magic managing happens.

From Kurechii Studio, this strategic game is set to bring some refreshing elements to the table, and indeed it does. With the quite simple story set up (Ye old heirless King wants to enjoy the rest of his well-lived life, and organizes a league to unveil the next ruler of the realm), you are prompted with a nice and easy tutorial to help you get the ropes on the game.