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Sep 17, 2011

First!!! Also, The Kings League review.

Hello everyone and welcome to my first entry in Everyday I’m Flashing, so let’s get right to the point with a game review: The Kings League.

The map menu, where all the magic managing happens.

From Kurechii Studio, this strategic game is set to bring some refreshing elements to the table, and indeed it does. With the quite simple story set up (Ye old heirless King wants to enjoy the rest of his well-lived life, and organizes a league to unveil the next ruler of the realm), you are prompted with a nice and easy tutorial to help you get the ropes on the game.

The gameplay premise is in itself easy to understand – you’ll need to recruit and train heroes from across the land, while capturing territory, completing quests and jousting in the aforementioned league. Your involvement will be limited to managing your little army and deciding which thing to do first, be it a quest or capturing some land, although the league matches will be forced down your unwilling throat every month of game time, which as you will find, will make your decisions all the more interesting adding a needed sense of urgency.

The uncontrollable battles.
With five different classes of heroes to recruit (plus the epic versions of the classes) and only four army slots, the game leaves to you the decision of which unit combination works best, although I wouldn’t worry much about it. Quest and land-conquering become available to your army as you progress, each with increasing difficulty. Both these activities, as well as the league matches, are automatically resolved before your eyes, rending you powerless to influence them in any way besides the previous training of said units. This isn’t a big deal to me, for I immediately took this game for what it is – a managing one.

Beautiful art and graphics make this game easy on the eye, an always welcome feature to a flash game. However, it soon becomes apparent a huge flaw in its design: the difficulty. This game is incredibly easy… with initial gameplay time almost fulfilling an hour, the game in itself offers no real challenge for those of us used to more demanding games. The team composition scarcely affects your battling ability, just as long as you unlock the epic units, which are pretty easy to find (the game tells you how and when to find them); the black market trades are pretty much useless, as well as the general upgrades, and the gameplay just turns into a grind, yet a very interesting and amusing one. The only time in the game where I was briefly challenged was when I recklessly evolved my units and their salaries were too big for me to handle, for about a month of game time…

The army management tab.
In conclusion, The Kings League is definitely a recommended game by Everyday I’m Flashing, although after completing the game I was left with a hollow sense in my chest, felling that this game could be much more than it actually is. So just take an hour off and go play it. I’ll definitely leave an eye out for this studio, for it shows great potential.

Game Rating: 7/10


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