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Sep 22, 2011

Delivery Man review

When I encounter a game I think it’s interesting enough to feature in this blog I always think which features to highlight, so that you can choose whether or not to play it. Unfortunately as I played through most part of the 50 levels and bored myself half to sleep I could only think of the game problems – and what kind of a reviewer would I be if I only spent time with the best games available?

So here it is, by the somewhat acclaimed Berserk Studio, a defense shooter named Delivery Man.

Nice graphics, but where is the fun?

The name itself sums up the entire story: you are a delivery man, and your cargo is constantly attacked by post-apocalyptic goons, so it’s your job to kill them all.

Don’t be deceived by the image above. Although the game presents above average graphics, its gameplay it’s absolutely standard for a defense game. You just have to shoot the incoming mobs with your weapon of choice, trying to score headshots and raising your combo meter by killing them fast enough, all-the-while reloading your weapon. The best part of the gameplay is the bosses, that offer some interesting concepts, but they are somewhat easy, the difference being they take a good chunk of time to kill. 

Between all the boring shooting, before you select the level you wish to play you can upgrade your weapon arsenal, as well as your cargo car. The money is pretty hard to save up, and the early weapons feel weaker than your trustworthy full upgraded handgun.

Hell Yeah Handgun!

The sound effects stand up pretty nicely along with the graphics, but the game itself is pretty heavy for most computers if you want to play it with maximum quality, so most likely you’ll need to lower the graphics and enjoy blurred textures.

All-in-all, if this game genre is one of your favorites I say go for it, if not, I would stay away.

I leave you with a final warning: be ready for some painful finger cramps!

Game rating: 5/10


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