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Sep 4, 2012

Nuclear Plant Review

PPLLAAYY Games have a nice repertoire of interesting games, never really settling with the majority of developers. This time, they have outdone themselves with the very interesting Nuclear Plant.

Some weird stuff is already going around in this menu.

With a post-apocalyptic setup, you are one of the few human survivors after a nuclear disaster wiped most of the life in the planet, mutating the animals and destroying all of humanity and most plant life forms. Your duty, as Earths last hope, is to make sure one of the very last plants can grow into maturity.

You will be defending the plant from the mutated animals, with some standard shooting action, dividing your time between research, tending to the plant, and shooting monsters for protection and money. The gameplay is refined and keeps you entertained for the most part, with many upgrades to buy, but this shooter formula has already been done some times, so what sets Nuclear Plant apart from its predecessors?

The plant, the research lab, and you forever alone.

Simply put, the atmosphere. Although the upgrades are more interesting than usual, this game has a truly amazing sense of atmosphere. From the menus to the actual gameplay. With some really nice music and sound effects you'll be drawn in into that small world. And actually care for the plant, while curiosity develops along the game. This is by no way an easy feat for a flash game.

After you complete the game, with some nice stuff put into the latter stages, will be left with a sense of accomplishment, and if you are like me, you'll feel that the game transcended into an experience.

In conclusion, if you are into shooters, or overall action games, or if you think of games as an expression form, go try it out.

Game rating: 8/10


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