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Sep 6, 2012

Little Wheel

I know this isn't a new game, but I'm all for indie games, and I think its time for a new addition to this blog, this time, its Little Wheel.

Beautiful art.
In a robot city where a terrible accident has shut down the city power generator, and consequently all robot life, a simple robot has been shocked to life by thunder 10.000 years latter, and is the only chance for the ghost robot town. Albeit this is a quite short game, it transpires charm with its beautiful art and sound tracks, as well as a quite obvious attention to detail by the developer.

Although it is a short game, it has a beautiful art and music, and one of the best atmospheres in flash gaming. It's borderline indie I know, but indie nonetheless, and a great one at that. So be sure to try it out, it won't take long, and its time well spent.

Game Rating: Indie


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