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Sep 15, 2012

Robin Steele Review

It's time for another Armor Games release, and this time it's Robin Steele.

Not only is he a thief, he also copies games like a sir.
This is an arcade game whose gameplay resembles a number of games before it, from the Indie game Canabalt to more famous games such as Temple Run. You are a thief who needs to amass a not so humble amount of money, and to do so you need to run through a rich guy mansion and collect precious gems while avoiding obstacles.

The game comes with a fully prepared upgrade system you can invest on between runs. The stage where you actually play is divided into three lanes, and you can either jump or duck while you run. The game is however very easy. There is no actual distinction between jumping and ducking because you can do so for every obstacle, and the only challenge is swapping lanes to avoid columns and trying to collect more gems.

Gimme my rubiez.
My main problem with the game, besides the fact that its original concept is more than overused these days, is that the level design is so poor. But as level design is random placement of obstacles, what can I mean? I mean that when columns appear - obstacles that you can only avoid by lane swapping - most of the times you cannot perceive on which actual lane the column is placed, which results in completely unavoidable deaths. That being said this game distinguishes itself for not being outstanding in any possible manner. Either way go give it a try, it was entertaining for 15 minutes.

Game Rating: 5/10


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