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Sep 7, 2012

Pour the Fish

From Coolbuddy, mass game production house, comes a physics puzzle game with a lovely character, Fish, in Pour the Fish.

Fish is a fish.
So there he was, minding his own business in the ocean, when the poor fishy gets sucked into a pipe, and is now stuck in a vast array of levels without water to breath, left to die. Until you come around into each puzzle and design a way for the water to reach him.

The puzzling concept is quite simple and ordinary, you just have to trace a hole for the water to go down to the fish, and if you want a little bit extra challenge, you can try to fill up bonus bottles that are in the level, although that is optional. This game is interesting not only because of the level design, that actually makes you think (specially if you are after those pesky bottles), but also because the water physics, although not perfect, are quite mesmerizing to watch. Speaking of level design, the developers were smart enough to introduce new puzzle elements every now and then, not flooding you, but keeping the mechanics interesting.

This level has some interesting bomb mechanics.
The art is standard, and the music quirky. With a nice number of levels and a quite good level variety, although it is a pretty standard puzzle game, its an easy to recommend puzzle game, so if you are into puzzles go check it out.

Game Rating: 7/10


Ofer Shakarov said...

This game is just a bad copy of "Where's My Water?" It has the same exact gameplay and a similar art style, but with a different character.

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