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Sep 25, 2012

Race The Sun

Most of you by now know the Unity Engine. For those who don't let me just say it's a really big thing in this flash game industry, as you can get some really impressive games on that baby, and so, every time I see a release that runs on Unity I immediately go check it out. This time is Race the Sun.

Them crazy graphics.
Right out of the bat I need to tell that the game is in alpha stage, so I won't actually rate it. Either way Race the Sun is based on a pretty simple and basic concept. You have to race a solar powered vehicle through an obstacle field as far as you can while the sun is out.

What initially seems like a pretty easy task, one very quickly realizes that the sun is setting and that you are actually racing against time through pillars and weird monsters that you must avoid in order to keep going. The gameplay however has some very nice additions to the very simple chassis: you can unlock power-ups that are quite important for you to go further in the day, and you can also try to collect some point boosters to increase your score.

It also as a level up system that is, in my opinion, quite good because its based solely on the player skills and not on some arbitrary point system.
Minimalistic style.
The whole experience is quite nice, even more when considering its an alpha build. So if you are curious be sure to check it out!


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