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Dec 3, 2012

Zombogrinder 2

Zombogrinder 2 is a driving game from Box10 where you must escape the zombie apocalipse by reaching a helicopter. But is this game any different from the tons of zombie killing games we have played over the years?

The Intro page doubles as a pretty bland menu.
Unfortunately there is no short answer for this one. The gameplay is distinct enough for it to be different from the vast array of  zombie racing games available, but its very monotonous and boring. You go from day to day racing along a linear road trying to go as far as possible and running over zombies to build up money for your ride until you reach the end line.

The gameplay is very straight forward, especially after some upgrades. In the beginning you still try to avoid the majority of zombies that appears, but after a while they become so great in number and your car so strong, if simply go ahead and watch them die wave after wave.

Meh production values.
In conclusion, the game is quite boring and simple. Nor challenging, nor entertaining, I cannot recommend this game full-mouthed. If you don't have much time, don't go for it.

Game Rating: 4/10


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