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Jan 12, 2013

Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed Review

Oh boy here we go again. A new iteration of the famous Notebook Wars from Coolbuddy Games is here: Notebook Wars 3: Unleashed.

Paper craft shooter here we come!
First of all let me say I'm a really big fan of flash shooters like Notebook Wars which I really enjoy. But after being slightly disapointed by the first sequel mainly because it was the same game only with different levels, my expectations rose when I saw this was release and just thought "There is no way they did the same with this one, hopefully everything will be new!".

Well... It isn't. It really, really isn't. Every single aspect of the game is the same as the ones before it. Hell even most of the graphics are entirely recicled. The gameplay is the same, the enemies are the same, the layouts are the same. Only a couple of very slight changes were made: more airplanes, more weapons, and slightly different levels. I can't tell how disappointed I was with Coolbuddy yet again. By all means the game is solid, but this thrown around effortless sequel just makes for a quick money grab.

Yes, everything is exactly the same.
I won't go through much trouble here. Everyone has played this before in many ways. You shoot, you dodge, you upgrade and you win. In the end, if you never played Notebook Wars before go do it right now with this one, and be amazed by the sheer imagination of the paper crafted gameplay. If you have go give it a quick look, but if you are anything like me be prepared for quite a disappointment.

Game Rating: 4/10


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