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Oct 27, 2011

Lab of the Dead Review

Zombie games... We have played them all: mindless killing, running them over, RPG'ing their rotten corpses back to the ground where they belong. Or so we though... get ready to experience the zombie apocalypse as you never experienced before in Lab of the Dead, by Evil-Dog.

Everybody loves a menu.

This time around you play as a scientist, doing what they do best, investigation. As you start a new game you're immediately thrown into a suspicious underground lab where you and a couple of soldiers escaped during the main zombie outbreak. And to your delight, the lab is filled with imprisoned zombies that you are free to experiment with.
Lab of the Dead plays as a point-n'-click adventure: you select a zombie, and try to uncover how they react to the objects you find around the lab, simply by selecting the item and watching the following reaction. Of course, things aren't that simple. Each item has several basic reactions to be unlocked, and these depend on several conditions your current zombie presents, such as mood, hunger and humanity, and these are controlled by using certain items, which you have to find out. Also, most items offer advanced reactions, that require a combination of the modifiers.

With each action you make, Research Points will be awarded, which you'll use on the research menu, that involves stuff as technological advances, zombie information and tons of new items for you to try out and have fun.
You can also kill them all.
Incredible as it sounds, watching your zombies react to what you do strangely forges a connection that makes it all worth-while. I was strangely satisfied by watching a zombie woman letting a live rabbit go instead of eating it just because she liked animals when she was human and wasn't hungry. Awesome stuff here for you to find.
As you uncover new reactions from your beloved zombies, the story moves on and you begin to uncover the origin of the outbreak as well as your discovered lab original objective.
Fully voiced monologues keep the story going.

The story is handed to you by some nicely done voiced monologues, and although the story is nothing we have seen before, the entire ambient of the game really pulls you in if you are into these kind of apocalypse scenarios.

Summing it all up, Evil-Dog has done it again. They made me stare at a zombie and do some repetitive tasks for quite some hours while I unlocked every single reaction. The satisfaction it brought me to uncover zombie behavior as well as the story is something I longed for a flash game in a while, so just click the initial link and go try it out.

Game Rating: 9/10


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