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Oct 2, 2011

Mega Mash

Nothing shouts Indie like an original idea. In Mega Mash you get to play several classic game types (seven actually) in just one game, all integrated brilliantly in each level.

Retro style, seven styles.

We have seen many games with different gameplay styles, but trust me, Mega Mash deserves a try because it offers some unique gameplay to every different player. You'll get to play platformers, Bomberman-like portions, Tetris, space shooters and others, all in the same level, each with different techniques and strategies. This of course results in some pretty interesting puzzles and levels. 

Unfortunately what makes Mega Mash stand out seems to cause a couple of problems. Most controls seem awkward, specially the platformers, and sometimes the interchanging between gamestyles is too abrupt and flow-breaking.

So if you fancy a little nostalgia and classic gaming be sure to check Mega Mash - I'm sure you'll find something to like about it, if not most of it.

Game rating: Indie


RandomGuyIsSpy said...

Thanks for introducing us to this game! I just tried it out, it's very cool how you can warp between the different gameplay styles, and actually have the styles mix (e.g. the lasers you shoot through the portals turn into fireballs on the other side to clear the way). Very fun concepts!

Joaquim Ribeiro said...

Hey mate glad you liked it! I really like these Indie games so expect more of these as they come out!

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