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Oct 20, 2011

The Binding of Isaac

Great disturbed minds bring great things. Edmun Mcmillen and Florian Himsl brought us the already critically acclaimed The Binding of Isaac, a PC and Mac game, with a nice little flash demo.

Obviously no demo makes a game justice, but as I had such a great time playing this one, and quite a bit of challenge as well, why not featuring it here?

Isaac is your normal little boy, living a normal life playing with his little toys, until his mother starts hearing the voice of God himself, demanding a blood sacrifice to prove her faith, and of course, that sacrifice is Isaac. The boy then escapes to the basement, where he will face hordes of enemies, some of which appear to be related to him somehow.

With the great start-up story, immediately noticeable is the involving atmosphere of fear and darkness, filled with outstanding art (the bosses wicked design amazed me), and of course, the gameplay.

Smelly, ugly, hard boss fight.

The Binding of Isaac plays as an action RPG shooter, with some subtle Legend of Zelda elements. All levels are randomly generated (only two levels in the demo), as well as the items and upgrades you will come across. Bluntly put, get ready for some frustrating levels, yet, every time you lose it will be because you made a mistake somewhere, not because the game is unforgiving.

I won't rate this game, all I can say is if you like the demo, be sure to buy the full version - it's a great game.


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