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Nov 2, 2012

Siegius Arena Review

Sky9 Games finally launched another game. From the makers of many games such as Strike Force Heroes and Raze, comes Siegius Arena, an action RPG. But does it live up to the studio name?

Gladiator all up in this biatch.

The premise of the game is very simple, you are a soldier that was marked as a traitor in the war-time, and are sentenced to death in the arena. The game then lets you play his legend, as you fight through the ranks of the arena until you become its champion.

Right off the bat the production values are apparent, as it is usual with Sky9 Games. The artwork is very familiar but it still works very well, and the animations are well though of and smooth. The gameplay is divided into two phases: the arena, where you'll do all the battling; and the market, where you can access three shops and build up your character, but we'll get to that latter.

The battles are simple in their design. You fight for your life in a rectangular arena, one wave of enemies at a time. You have four different actions: light and heavy attacks, item and magic. After defeating each enemy, their corpse will magically drop gold that you can catch to go and upgrade your equipment in the market district. Although the battle seems simple on paper, Sky9 did a great job adding strategy to it.

The very first arena.
The strategy comes from enemy variety and equipment choices. The game will face you up against varied enemies, each with a different kind of AI and equipment, making it imperative for you to deal with each one in a specif way if you want to survive the grueling arenas. Latter in the arenas it actually gets pretty tough and challenging, which is something I was surprised by, as you usually can grind your way up in these kind of games. Not only that, there is an audience system, in which if you please the audience while fighting, you can unleash a special attack that makes you lightning fast for a couple of seconds, dealing death all around. Unfortunately, the battles have a serious problem for me, as sometimes the hit boxes of enemies are very confusing, and that detract a lot from the

Now for the upgrades, you'll be able to shop in three different categories: weapons, armor and magic/items. The armor is pretty standard, as you'll make simple choices between pure armor or more agility. In the weapon department the game starts throwing at you some harder choices. With three different weapon archetypes, you'll need to decide between speed, defense or outright heavy damage, and keep in mind this will drastically affect your gameplay style. As for the magic system the same happens, with three different spell categories, each with a very distinct effect on enemies.

The market district.
All in all, Siegius Arena a quite good game with some action flaws, but be sure to check it out, either you are an RPG or action game fan.

Game Rating: 8/10


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