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Nov 12, 2012

Rogue Soul Review

Yet another running game, Rogue Soul, from SoulGame studios is released, but does it stray away from other countless games in this genra?

Jackass of the year award: "Rogue Soul hero".

Did you read the captcha above? Did you really? Because man, the guy you play as is a real jackass, I mean seriously, never have I hated a character in such little time. The 30 second intro was enough for me to hate this little masked Ezzio/Alladin wanna-be jerk-off. Basically this guy is jealous because some other half-witted thief is worth more ransom than he is, and so he goes on a life journey around the city to become a more notorious thief by kicking honorable guards in the face and stealing other peoples money, while trying to bang some weird chicks that come ever-so-often in is path of crime. Other than that this game is surprisingly refreshing, which is what really matters in this arcade running game.

There are no upgrades in here. Yep, that´s right, you'll need to reach the end of the game simply out of player skill, which is awesome and feels very new and different, but does the gameplay actually allow you to improve as player to reach the goal, or does it rely on cheesy gimmicks to keep you playing?

You'll learn to hate archers, trust me.
In short, yes. The game is very well designed every step of the way as far as gameplay goes, and every time you die you'll feel as if you failed, and you try to learn from your mistakes and try to reach a longer distance in the next run. There are many new mechanics in here to keep that fresh feel throughout the game, and the enemies themselves are varied and keep the danger fresh as you progress through the city. 

You have many special moves: dagger throwing, double jump, slide and a parachute; and you'll need to use every one of them to get to your goal, so none of them feels cheap or just there for fun, they are actually very useful for many different situations. As for the enemies, you kill them just by touching them, but as each one of them as different attack patterns, you need to think of your approach to each one in every situation, while jumping around and avoiding obstacles. 

The game is very challenging not to say hard, but with a ton of missions to complete and trophies to unlock you'll keep getting better without really noticing, making this game a joy to play.

Game Rating: 8.5/10


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