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Oct 22, 2012

Pocket Creature PVP Review

The Pocket Creature IP has become quite famous in the flash game community, and so its with no surprise that NTFusion releases another iteration of the franchise, Pocket Creature PVP.

Overall nice art.

This is one of those though reviews, so let me just say this right off-the-bat: this is a good game. I have, however, some serious problems with it.

First of all is the lack of innovation. The game feels more like an add-on and not a full on sequel. Throwing a new "gem" system and some new monsters into a more than done formula did not quench my thirst while playing. It all just felt so damn familiar. The one real addition is online PVP, but that tires out pretty quickly mainly because you have no control over your party in the battle itself.

Other than that, as I said before, its a good game. You catch and level-up your creatures, making them stronger so you can face your next battle with ease. As they level up most of them have access to ramified evolutions, giving you the option of which path to choose. The leveling up is done by feeding your creatures, and that food is bough with in-game currency, which is preeeeetty abundant in the game.

The uncontrollable fights.
The story mode is actually pretty easy until those latter levels were you need to actually stop and think through your party design - and that's were the fun is, in finding out nice creature combinations and testing them out in the arena. All-in-all the game is quite short, but after you complete the story you unlock the infinite challenge mode, as well as a good enough party to adventure in the PVP world.

All-in-all the gameplay and the creatures are well designed, as they were previously, and that to me is the main turn-down of this game. Either way go check it out, specially if you didn't play the previous games.

Game Rating: 7/10


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