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Oct 5, 2012

Bug Slayer Review

A simple yet elegant take on the bullet-hell game genra takes place with Bug Slayer, from Tremor Games

The color scheme, it burns my eyes.

This is a pretty standard game, with not a lot of production value, but is still manages to produce on-the-spot gameplay for a bullet-hell game that is so needed with tight controls, managing to entertain for a good 15-20 minutes.

Th story is completely set aside by the game itself with a premise so ridiculous I won't even describe it, and with the ambient aside the game itself is quite simple. You need to defeat a certain number of bosses in a row, each with three life bars that represent different levels of difficulty in the bosses, in 10 days. Between these days however, you can access an upgrade shop that allows you to grow stronger and stronger with an emphasis on your play style, meaning you can prefer to upgrade your weapon to dispatch the bosses faster, your life bar so you can make more mistakes, or even your movement speed if you prefer to rely on your mad skillz.

Level 1 of the game.
The shooting is automatic so you only have to worry with bullet dodging, which is fine by me because its a genra I really like. So if you enjoy avoiding thousands of obstacles with full concentration give this game 20 minutes of your life, it won't disappoint! The main problem is that it is so, oh so-so short.

Game Rating: 6.5/10


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